Applicable only for candidates who would like to pursue a master program by research, this programme offers an intellectually stimulating environment for research, coupled with a rigorous training in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, excellent dedicated doctoral facilities, and a reputation for high quality research in the various field of Muamalat.

PLO1  Synthesize and integrate knowledge in Islamic banking  (LO1). 
PLO2  Managing organizations in banking institutions (LO2). 
PLO3  Make judgments and decisions on contemporary issues relating to Islamic banking (LO3). 
PLO4  Delivering its knowledge and rationale to all levels of the organization and shareholders (LO4). 
PLO5  Being able to work teamwork in various situations and be responsible for group decisions (LO5). 
PLO6  Implement integrity, ethics and professional values ​​in the organization as well as expressing a sense of social responsibility to society(LO6). 
PLO7  Master the learning skills to continuously and autonomouslyto improve the quality of self and organization (LO7). 
PLO8  Build, explore and seize employment and business opportunities (LO8). 
PLO9  Have ability to take alternate roles between the leader and team member towards effective leadership (LO9). 
Ministry Financing: this is available under the Ministry’s ‘My Brain 15’ programme for those who qualify. Please browse the Ministry’s web page for further details.

Two compulsory courses: The student is required to take and pass Research Methodology and Data Analysis in his first semester. Only then can he prepare a proposal for the Qualifying Test (QT). One or more academics (committee) will be assigned as the supervisor(s) for the student to consult and seek advice.

Colloquiums: GS-Muamalat will organise three colloquiums each semester for Master candidates to have their research proposal reviewed by a team of academics. This will be scheduled during the 4th, 9th and 13th week of the semester to review their chapters 1 (Introductory), 2 (Literature Review) and 3 (Research Methodology) respectively.

Qualifying Test / proposal defence: Only then will the candidates submit their three chapters for the QT examination. After passing the QT, the candidate will then will be allowed to embark on his research.

Semester Progress Report: During all these research period, the student will be appraised by the supervisor every semester. An unsatisfactory result for two consecutive semesters will result in a termination of the candidate.

Thesis writing and Viva Voce: On completion of the research, the candidate will write a thesis with the guidance of the supervisor(s) before he can submit it to GS-Muamalat, for the final Viva Voce. For this, the thesis will be examined by two examiners (one external and one internal). If the candidate gets through this Viva, then he will be awarded a Master Degree.

Publication requirement: USIM requires that all Master Degree students would have published at least one paper about his research in reputable journals and presented at least one paper in recognized seminar of conference before he can sit for the viva voce.

  Full Time Part Time
LOCAL 8,688.00 9,802.00