It is targeted for those who are or intends to be a researcher or an academic. It involves an extensive work on identifying an existing issue/problem, understanding it through extensive and intensive review of the relevant literature so as to gauge the current knowledge and the gaps identified. Thus, enriching and discovering new knowledge on the subject chosen.

Candidates will be trained and able to high quality research in enhancing and generating new knowledge in the chosen area. In pursuing these, candidates will be expected to acquire appropriate analytical tools and writing skills to prepare quality reports as a professional researcher or an academic.

Two compulsory courses:

The student is required to take and pass Research Methodology and Data Analysis in his first semester. Only then can he prepare a proposal for the Qualifying Test (QT). One or more academics (committee) will be assigned as the supervisor(s) for the student to consult and seek advice.


GSM will organise three colloquiums each semester for PhD candidates to have their research proposal reviewed by a team of academics. This will be scheduled during the 4th, 9th and 13th week of the semester to review their chapters 1 (Introductory), 2 (Literature Review) and 3 (Research Methodology) respectively.

Qualifying Test/ proposal defence:

Only then will the candidates submit their three chapters for the QT examination. After passing the QT, the candidate will then will be allowed to embark on his research.

Semester Progress Report:

During all these research period, the student will be appraised by the supervisor every semester. An unsatisfactory result for two consecutive semesters will result in a termination of the candidate.

Thesis writing and Viva Voce:

On completion of the research, the candidate will write a thesis with the guidance of the supervisor(s) before he can submit it to GSM, for the final Viva Voce. For this, the thesis will be examined by three examiners (two external and one internal). If the candidate gets through this Viva, then he will be awarded a PhD.

Publication requirement:

USIM requires that all PhD students would have published at least two papers about his research in reputable journals before he can sit for the viva voce.

Tuition Fees

  • Local : RM14,462.00 (Full Time)

: RM16,756.00 (Part Time)

  • International : RM24,590.00

Tuition Fees

The total cost of the fee will be based on credit hour and will be charged at RM 500.00 per credit hour and RM 5,000.00 for administrative and graduation fee.

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