Our latest offering, Master in Accounting and Shariah Audit is a ground breaking program and first in the world, aligned to cater to demands by Muslim governments and institutions that want ethical graduates able to audit companies and ensure that their operations are in accordance to Islamic jurisprudence and commercial law

The Master of Accounting and Syariah Audit (MASA) program is set up to produce graduates and subsequently practitioners who: 

PEO1  Become a catalyst for economic transformation by applying Syariah principles in the public and private sector (PO1, PO2, PO3). 
PEO2  Become an industry practitioner who is able to communicate effectively in dealing with issues and challenges related to Islamic Accounting and Syariah Audit  (PO4). 
PEO3  Have a vision, noble character and a high level of leadership in mobilizing national development (PO5, PO6, PO9). 
PEO4  Implementing Islamic accounting methods that are relevant to current needs by applying effective information management systems (PO7, PO8). 

PLO1  Has a special competence in applying sharia knowledge in Islamic financial transactions 
PLO2  Be able to apply the appropriate techniques, skills and software in conducting sharia audit procedures 
PLO3  Able to think critically by applying knowledge to solve problems in Islamic financial transactions 
PLO4  Ability to communicate cross-culture with stakeholders 
PLO5  Working collaboratively in a management team, making decisions and ensuring decision execution 
PLO6  Adheres to integrity, ethics and professional values ​​in contributing to the needs of Islamic financial  
PLO7  Be able to apply relevant information management skills to the needs of the current 
PLO8  Able to identify the methods of Islamic management relevant to the needs of Islamic financial transactions 
PLO9  Ability to negotiate effectively and provide constructive insights on Islamic financial transaction issues 

Functional & Integration Course (24 Credit Hours)

  • Principles & Operations of Islamic Banking
  • Contemporary Issues in Islamic Banking & Finance
  • Corporate Finance Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Credit Management
  • Regulations & Governance of Islamic Banks
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Strategic Management

Elective (Min.12 Credit Hours)

  • Financial Econometrics
  • Research Methodology & Data Analysis
  • Islamic Business & Economic System
  • Marketing & Product Developmet
  • Financial Derivatives

Project (6 Credit Hours)

Research Project

Total tuition fees (RM)
Local 11,278.00
International 17,530.00

*Additional RM1, 100.00 MIB, MIF and MASA for IBFIM Professional Certificate (including in fees).